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: Lost, Stolen & Found

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  1. Lost: Hinsdale beach Board LOST
  2. Lost: North bar & lines left @ East Wittering Jolliffe Rd BH Monday 2nd May about 3.30pm -
  3. Stolen: North pro series surfboard yellow
  4. Lost: Pansh 4m First black and white , Baiter park poole
  5. Lost: Lost CKB
  6. Found - board at New Brighton
  7. Found: Board found: Poole Harbour
  8. Lost: Shinn Speedball board lost at Pembrey Beach near Llanelli
  9. Lost: Lost Naish 136 Board Yellow and light blue with white footstraps and handle
  10. Lost: GoPro on pole lost at Sea Pallin
  11. Board found at Greatstone beach
  12. Lost: A long shot... wedding ring lost at blackpool
  13. Lost: Branksome Beach: Lost Black/Green North Transformer Harness & Blue Leash + Eel Reel
  14. Lost: board
  15. Lost: 2015 North X ride in Old hunstanton
  16. Stolen: North Youngblood 125x36cm Kitesurf board & snowboard - Berkshire area
  17. Lost: Lost 14 m rebel & bar,lines 31 dec 1.30pm St Anne's
  18. Lost: Lost GoPro at Camber Sands Sunday 21st December
  19. Found: Board Found Scotland, near Port William, Dumfries and Galloway
  20. Lost: Lost board budleigh
  21. Lost: Supershinn
  22. Found: wainman bar
  23. Lost: 2014 ozone bar and line left at poole harbour
  24. Found: found crazy fly board Lytham
  25. Lost: Naish Hero Kitesurfing Board
  26. Lost: Lost shinn luigi 2 134
  27. Found: found slingshot board
  28. Found: Hill Head (tue 7th ) any one leave an item behind.. I have it safe here.
  29. Found: "flysurfer deluxe" on Ebay
  30. Lost: Lost board at Bantham beach
  31. Found: set of keys
  32. Lost: Lost Nobile board at Hunstanton
  33. Lost Cabrinha Spectrum 140 kiteboard, old Hunstanton, Norfolk 50 Reward
  34. Lost: lost my ozone c4 9m at Ainsdale
  35. Found: rrd bar picked up
  36. Lost: Crazy Fly Raptor 143x40 Exe Estuary Sunday 25/5/14
  37. Found: Bar & lines on Exmouth Seafront/Beach Sunday 25/5/14
  38. Lost: Lost shinn monk bexhill
  39. Found: Help! Found my lost board on eBay is there anything I can do!
  40. Lost: Yellow kiteboard with silhouette of a naked chick on back (Brancaster,Norfolk)
  41. Found: advert for a lost kite on gumtree
  42. Stolen: <TAKEN> Shinn Dundee <TAKEN>
  43. Lost: Lost Kiteboard at Old Hunstanton
  44. Lost: Lost 2.5 bullet between Borth and aberdovey.
  45. Lost: Lost Spleene session black in goring
  46. Lost: Lost board at Portland
  47. Lost: Please reurn the harness you borrowed in Barrow last weekend.
  48. Lost: Camber Sands Blue Scrub Vapour Landboad lost
  49. Lost: *LOST* Clash reincarnation 138 Kiteboard
  50. Lost: Lost Go Pro at Calshot
  51. Lost: Lost board on Virgin Armarda
  52. Lost: Cabrinha Nomad Bar
  53. Found: Kiteboard - calshot
  54. Lost: Left board at minster
  55. Lost: Lost HYDRO Kitesurf board at Hunny yesterday
  56. Lost: Liquid Force 2013 - 45cm 5 line bar and lines
  57. Lost: 2007 Spleene Door 154, Old Hunstanton
  58. Stolen: Naish Torches (7,9,12m) and a Nobile 666 kiteboard STOLEN!
  59. Found: I was lost,now i'm back!!
  60. Found: Kite Pump Hunstanton
  61. Lost: Lost 134 Nobile Board on river severn.
  62. Lost: lost board at brancaster
  63. Found: Dover Coastguard recover kite. Is it yours?
  64. Lost: lost 2 boards at Fleetwood today 1st April
  65. Lost: Bar and lines mablethorpe
  66. Lost: crazyfly kiteboard
  67. Lost: Lostcause board, Exmouth
  68. Found: 24th December - Camber Slingshot Board
  69. Stolen: CKB (CustomKiteBoard) LB43 Red/Black Carbon Board
  70. Found: Board found last saturday at meon
  71. Lost: Lost Shinn Monk Gorilla faced board off Lancing beach Friday afternoon 12th October
  72. Found: Boardshorts at Old Hunstanton
  73. Found: Board found
  74. Found: Board found Poole harbour
  75. Lost: lost Boscombe
  76. Lost: 2011 Crazyfly Shox Custom 136, Loch Gruinart, Islay
  77. Lost: Lost: nobile 555 off littlehampton
  78. Lost: lost w o'brien wakeskate at Old Hunstanton
  79. Lost: north pump AINSDALE
  80. Lost: Lost board
  81. Found: North Pump
  82. Lost: lost liquid force bar
  83. Lost: Lost board at Hunstanton
  84. Lost: Lost Crazyfly board 132x44
  85. Lost: lost nobile board
  86. Lost: Lost Flexifoil Delta Board - Saunton/Westward Ho!
  87. Lost: JOJO 2.5rm+ and Cooper 2.1 - Lost at Aber or Pembrey
  88. Lost: Flexifoil bar and lines at the grove felixstowe.
  89. Lost: slingshot Kiteboard westward ho beach
  90. Lost: Flexifoil Hooligan board lost at Felixstowe Ferry
  91. Lost: Board lost Monifieth 22/07/2012
  92. Lost: Nomad Kite Board - With a Green Element Logo and Ensignia
  93. Lost: Lost / stolen JN kite bag and wainman pump @ starr gate blackpool 28/7/12
  94. Lost: Lytham - Naish bag & Slingshot pump
  95. Lost: Lancing / Hove / Shoreham. White board. twin tip Blade with Blade pads / straps.
  96. Found: Board found at Llanelli 15th July
  97. Lost: Juice 132 kiteboard at Camber
  98. Lost: Nobile 555 in pink
  99. Lost: Mystic shadow harness on Llandudno west shore beach
  100. Lost: Lost : 2010 Liquid force CPR bar at St Annes near blackpool.
  101. Lost: lost mystic shadow harness llandudno west shore 23rd june
  102. Lost: Green & white best spark 140 board - hill head beach on 24th june
  103. Lost: Blankforce Advisory Twin Tip @ Old Hunstanton
  104. Found: Kitesurf bar and lines - Isle of Tiree
  105. Lost: 2 boards, Barrow in Furness, Roa Island area.
  106. Lost: Lost board retrieval - Paje, Zanzibar
  107. Lost: Lost board retrieval - Paje, Zanzibar
  108. Lost: Lancing Nobile T5 134 (2009)
  109. Lost: Bar and lines at Rhosneigr????
  110. Lost: lost my babys
  111. Lost: Xenon Laluz - Portland - 06/06/12
  112. Lost: White Nobile T5 - Lancing Car Park, 3rd June
  113. Found: Libre kite @ Greatstone
  114. Lost: LOST: Liquid Force Kaos 136x41.5
  115. Found: Xenon Laluz - Floating in Portland Harbour - Rescued and left on shoreline
  116. Lost: North Lines @ Greatstone
  117. Lost: X-ride 2010 off Black Rock in Wales
  118. Lost: Lost BEST Board May Saturday May 6th 2012 at Felixstowe Beach
  119. Lost: naish leash - Lytham St Annes
  120. Lost: Skywatch Anemometer - Freshwater West in February. Probably in the car park...
  121. Found: pump
  122. Lost: Bar bag Full of Strings-Aberavon
  123. Stolen: STOLEN KIT - please read and look out for
  124. Lost: Lost Slingshot Bar - Fraisthorpe
  125. Found: Harness at Black Rock Sands - 25/03/12
  126. Found: Gratestone 25-03-12
  127. Lost: Mystic buckle from spreader bar, the chrome and plastic bit. Lost at Lancing.
  128. Lost: GoPro HD
  129. Stolen: 7m Mutiny F Series, kite, bag, bar and lines
  130. Found: Kite Board - Lydd On Sea
  131. Lost: Best Spark 140 Red/White LOST in EXMOUTH
  132. Lost: Slingshot Doyle 138cm Red/White Lost in Exmouth Sea Front
  133. Lost: North Jamie Pro 139 lost at Portland Harbour
  134. Lost: GoPro 960 :(
  135. Found: Bar and lines Found
  136. Lost: **lost bar and lines***
  137. Found: Bar n lines @bran
  138. Found: pump and bag old hunstanton
  139. Stolen: Stolen!!
  140. Lost: North 4 line control bar
  141. Found: Kite Board EXMOUTH
  142. Found: Found Bar and lines at the Bluff, Hayle
  143. Lost: Sat 17th Lost Kiteboard Exmouth
  144. Found: Found Bar and lines at the Bluff, Hayle
  145. Lost: Cabrinha bar and lines Aberavon beach 3rd Dec
  146. Lost: LOST - Juice Widebody - New Brighton Wirral 3rd December
  147. Found: Dakine Harness Clip - Hill Head 3rd December
  148. Found: Found on eBay! best spark 134 green from Hastings beach
  149. Lost: Xenon board-lost
  151. Found: Kite, board and bar found at Lancing
  152. Lost: Underground board - Littlehampton West Beach 13/11/11
  153. Lost: Nobile board at Hunstanton
  154. Lost: Mutiny Kite Bar Newborough
  155. Lost: Blade Trigger bag left at Portland during speed week.
  156. Lost: Naish thorn
  157. Lost: Lost Nobile 555 Exmouth Duckpond Mon 10th Oct
  158. Lost: lytham st annes mutiny chicken loop lost
  159. Found: Kite Pump, 4th September, Rustington
  160. Lost: Cabrinha Crossbow 2010 9m
  161. Stolen: Break in at essex kite park
  162. Found: Bar at Hill Head today
  163. Lost: Kitesurfing kit lost, Aberavon car park (Mystic bag with my Blankforce board, wetsu)
  164. Found: Pontie
  165. Lost: Naish Haze at Hillhead 13/8/2011
  166. Lost: iPod touch.. Hillhead
  167. Lost: Nobile 555 137*42 (Blue) 2009
  168. Found: Nobile found 24th sunday
  169. Lost: Ainsdale: Sunday 24/07/11 - Sunglasses
  170. Found: Ainsdale: Sunday 24/07/11 - Kiteboard
  171. Found: Ainsdale: Sunday 24/07/11 - Harness
  172. Lost: lost fone bar and lines
  173. Lost: Lost kiteboard at Hoylake beach Sunday 18th July 2011
  174. Lost: Lost North Gonzales @ Fleetwood
  175. Stolen: Dodgy listing on ebay???
  176. Found: best bar+lines @southend
  177. Lost: lost board at lowestoft
  178. Lost: Lost - Cabrina bar & lines
  179. Lost: 55cm ozone bar and lines of a catalyst lost at ainsdale
  180. Lost: Any one lost some ozone kites and a nobile t5?
  181. Stolen: car stolen with sum kit inside.
  182. Lost: Left my board on the beach at Old Hunstanton Sun 19th 1700 i
  183. Lost: Cabrinha Prodigy lost at Portland Sat 18th
  184. Lost: north 5th element bar and lines
  185. Lost: Lost Naish Bar & Lines Branksome Beach 22nd May 2011
  186. Lost: F One Trax at Old Hunstanton. 5/06/11
  187. Found: Board found at greatsone this weekend
  188. Lost: At Wallop - Orange Fatboy Bean Bag
  189. Lost: Lost board Old Hunstanton 28th May 1300 ish
  190. Lost: ABoard off Lancing beach, 22 May
  191. Lost: Lost board st annes
  192. Lost: NEWBOROUGH - ANGLESEY - NORTH WALES - lost home-made plywood board
  193. Found: Kiteboard - Poole Harbour
  194. Lost: Lost and Found at Camber Sands Sunday 22nd May
  195. Lost: F-one bar and lines Port Solent, Portsmouth
  196. Lost: Cabrinha prodigy lost at hill end campsite on the gower
  197. Found: Anyone lost a board
  198. Found: cabrinha bar and lines camber
  199. Lost: kite bag and pump at st annes
  200. Found: westward ho on 07/05/2011
  201. Lost: lost board
  202. Lost: 9m RRD Hyper type with bar,lines and leash, 7m Viokite and RRD board lost at Camber
  203. Lost: lost/stolen fone pump at lligwy 01/05/2011
  204. Lost: Lost kiteboard in north wales
  205. Lost: Lost Blue / Yellow Board Off Fleetwood - Naish Haze with Nobile straps
  206. Found: Blue Kitesurfing Pump: Fleetwood nr the Euston Hotel/Magistrates Court area - pm if i
  207. Lost: Blade 2011 bar and lines lost.
  208. Lost: lost board in Camber sands
  209. Found: left at newb carpark
  210. Lost: lost cabrinha prodigy HELP!!!!
  211. Lost: North Race ltd fin
  212. Found: Found - Kiteboard, Portland 9/4.
  213. Lost: Lost board ainsdale 5/4/2011
  214. Lost: Re: AirRush X Pact Blue Board Ainsdale, NW 1/4/2011 Lost
  215. Lost: Lost twin tip Hunstanton area.
  216. Lost: Lost Slingshot Lunacy, Bigbury, Devon
  217. Lost: Lost - griffin kite bar and lines at Blyth Beach North East. 22/3/2011
  218. Lost: Nobile 555 board at Old Hunstanton 20 March
  219. Lost: Liquid Force 151 proof board with Best footpads and Dakine straps
  220. Lost: Aboards z series board..
  221. Lost: Lost: Flexifoil hooligan at bantham 25/02/2011
  222. Lost: Lost 127 2008 Naish Thorn Southsea Hampshire 11/2/2011
  223. Found: Key with blue fob found at Camber
  224. Lost: slingshot crisis board lost at instow 3 feb 2011
  225. Stolen: Black Dirstsurfer, buggy & petrol mountainboard stolen from Wallasey
  226. Lost: Red Rocks(West Kirkby/Leasowe)
  227. Stolen: Manta 2 + D-ex + harness = Very Sad
  228. Lost: Baord at Newgale, 2010 nobile Bright yellow
  229. Lost: Bar + lines
  230. Lost: XL MYSTIC FIRESTARTER HARNESS lost at Old Hunstanton
  231. Stolen: 11m hq neo mk1
  232. Found: pump at exmouth
  233. Lost: Naish Haze 133, blue and yellow. Llangennith, South Wales
  234. Lost: Best Spark 140 at Westward Ho
  235. Stolen: 2010 24seven slacker green...
  236. Lost: Aboards x series lost at Old Hunstanton - 4th November
  237. Lost: Blade 5mtr Trigger, with bar lines and north harness.
  238. Lost: Aron Hadlow board and Flexifoil lines Westward Ho 23 Oct
  239. Lost: Lost liquid force 2010 cpr bar at hunstanton yesterday!
  240. Lost: Nobile Skim
  241. Stolen: thieving C**ts
  242. Lost: LOST AIRRUSH X-PACT 138x40
  243. Lost: flexifoil axis bar at walney
  244. Found: Bar & Lines @ East Beach
  245. Lost: Flexifoil omega board exmouth sea front
  246. Lost: wainman blunt 130 board
  247. Lost: flexifoil omega board with gopro camera attached to it
  248. Lost: Ozone Pump ABW
  249. Lost: north pump, white and green left at hill head on 1/10/10
  250. Lost: Underground FLX 142 in blue