Hi guys. Just returning back from a great session today in the waves at Westward Ho! and had a kitemare mid channel directly between Crow Point (Saunton) and Northam Burrows (Westward Ho!)

Kite inverted and then started looping out of control, even on the leash. Tried for while but soon realised I couldn't recover it, so had to ditch it and swim to shore. Meanwhile my 2008 Flexifoil Delta Board was drifting in the current out to sea. Recovered the kite and many thanks to Appledore RNLI for not taking any chances and looking out for me despite me being able to swim to shore.

My board is white with navy blue "flexifoil Since 1972" on the top, and the same on the bottom in big red text, with liquid force footbeds. Gutted - love that board. I guess it's likely to wash ashore at either Westward Ho! or Saunton. Please keep your eyes pealed and PM me. There could be a few pints in it for you...