Hi guys

I've got one Spirit 10m and one Speed 10m kicking around here at home. Oxford hasn't been quite so good for my hobby as intended (kitesurf society died at uni and I dnt have nearly enough time to run one) so I'm selling my kites. Boards are staying.... can always use family kites..

£175 for the Spirit- 2004 kite, very stable, good turning speed, very responsive. Comes ready to fly with bag, lines, bar etc

15mph - 25mph+

£275 for the speed- 2006 kite, I only ever got to fly it once! Very fast kite, has the fetflaps etc to make it stable/lifty/turny. Flysurfer's first reknowned kite really. Really nice to fly, really pretty to look at and the pulling in the bar makes you go upwards A LA psycho 1

If anyone is interested please PM me. These are great kites and have been practically unused since they got to me (I always thought uni was meant to be like a big holiday? nobody told me I'd have to get a job and give up the things I love). No damage to either apart from a missing donkey dick on the spirit. Bars and lines are in VGC.

Also got a Tribord waist harness with back support, if anyone is interested in that drop me a pm with a price

Thinking about it, I am particularly broke so I may have to sell my boards too. If anyone wants to make an offer on a litewave 147 (2005 i think) or a Comp 16 PRO (2006, still has some cellophane on, MBS sent me it after my old one broke, only been ridden once. Theres no wind/space in oxford)

Thanks very much for looking