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    Feb 2011

    HQ Matrixx 9

    I'm selling my HQ Matrixx 9 in very good condition. Cloth is great and clean. I'm sure you can find a stain here and there if you look for it but it looks very nice. Bar and lines are also in top condition. So is the bag. The kite has only been used on water so no wear from land use.
    The 9 Matrixx is really a nice kite. It has super low end, it's very responsive and fast, and of cause has a lot of hangtime. It's a beautiful kite...

    Price: £460 / €550 + shipping
    Location: Denmark - expect £50 / €60 to most of Europe. I don't dare quote the lower rate because I think they will weigh the package in above 5 kg.

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